How To Reserve The Name Of A Limited Company.
Published on August 5, 2021
Reserving the Name of Your Limited Company

Picking your company name is not an easy task. Nonetheless, with little research, you will find that the most successful brands have short and snappy names that anyone can easily remember. A short name is easy for people to recall, and they also utilise less space in your logo, on company stationery, etc. If you want to establish a takeaway, selecting a name such as Google may not precisely tell customers about the things you offer. On the contrary, something like Pizza Delight will make a more powerful impact. So, be sure to take into account the industry you want to operate in when selecting your brand name.

People who wish to trade after some time, or who want to stop others from using a company name that they are considering may consider registering with Companies House. This will place the company name on the public register and it will not be used by other business owners.

You can also lodge a protest if any individual wants to register a name that is closely similar to your company name.

In a number of cases where people want to reserve a business name, they’re unlikely to trade at the same exact time. But the only way to reserve a business name is to establish a limited firm. Opting for a non-trading establishment agency can be an ideal option. Reserving your name through these services allows them to manage your company for you, register it, submit dormant accounts and annual returns if applicable (by paying a small maintenance fee).

Reserving your name using a dormant firm

To begin with, enter the preferred name into an online checker to identify if it is available for use. A simple Google search will present you with a number of such tools. The tool will compare the given name against each company that’s presently registered in the UK.

If you are unwilling to begin trading right away, you should write to the Corporation Tax office and let them know about the dormant state of your business.

Registering a domain for your company

As soon as you decide to reserve the business name, it’s also vital to register a relevant website domain simultaneously. When your business name matches with your official site, people can easily locate it on the web. This could make a huge difference when you are just starting out.

What Is A Confirmation Statement And How Do I File One?

What Is A Confirmation Statement And How Do I File One?

You can use the internet or postal service to file a confirmation statement for your company.

Nonetheless, the online method is much simpler, faster, and secure compared to the post. Besides, it only costs you £13.00, compared to the cost of around £40 when sending it by post of around £40.00. Using the post also takes far longer.

Everything You Need To Know About The UK VAT Threshold

Everything You Need To Know About The UK VAT Threshold

It is important for a business to register for VAT provided that during the previous year their ‘taxable supplies’ (typically based on the turnover and not the profits) have surpassed the threshold for VAT. This is applicable to all businesses in the United Kingdom, no matter whether you’re working as a limited partnership, company, or sole trader.

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