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UK VAT Registration

Registering for VAT can be quick and easy. Our service is completely online and does not require any paperwork to be printed or signed. 


What’s included?


No Hidden Costs


Same Day Submission


No Signatures Required


UK VAT Application


No Printer Required


VAT Registration is usually issued within 7 days


Free Unlimited Customer Support


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When do I have to register?

Businesses operating in the United Kingdom are required to register their VAT if their taxable earnings surpass £85,000 for the past year or will most probably exceed the given figure in 30 days or less, or they’re receiving goods from Europe worth over £85,000.

Can I voluntarily register for VAT?

Companies may choose voluntary VAT registration in case their taxable revenue is below £85,000. It can prove helpful to a number of businesses that have recently launched or operating on a small scale.

How long does it take to receive my VAT certificate?

We offer free same-day submission with every order. Usually HMRC process VAT applications within 7 days.

Who can use this service?

This service is perfect for Limited Companies and Soletraders.

What is VAT taxable turnover?

Your VAT taxable turnover is the total of everything sold that is not VAT exempt.

Benefits of being VAT registered

  1. A limited firm is free to charge VAT on services and goods it sells in the form of output tax.
  2. Similarly, a limited firm is able to reclaim VAT which they’ve paid on goods purchased from other businesses in the form of input tax.
  3. Companies are eligible for the refunds of their VAT provided they have sold zero-rated services/products and buy standard-rated goods.
  4. Showcasing a VAT number on your official site, invoices, business correspondence, etc. is likely to encourage large-scale companies to collaborate with your firm. A number of big companies, especially the ones in the finance field won’t even consider collaborating with a company without a VAT number. Plus, it can help if you can generate a VAT invoice in case your customer or client requests you to do so.
  5. Your business can appear more popular and trustworthy through a voluntary registration of VAT specifically if you’re looking to partner with other VAT registered clients and companies.
  6. VAT registration allows you to claim authentic goods purchases for up to 4-years prior to registration & services up to 180 days.

Added Extras to get you started

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