How To Get A Replacement Certificate Of Incorporation
Published on May 20, 2021
Certificate Of Incorporation

When a person registers their business directly with Companies House or via a formation agent, an incorporation certificate is sent to them by post or online (based on their registration method). This is a crucial document that’s essential at different phases throughout your company’s life. Hence, it is necessary to ensure its safety.

We receive numerous emails daily by several concerned business owners who somehow misplaced their incorporation certificate. Thus, you are not the only person who came across such a scenario!

It is not that challenging to get a replacement certificate of an LLP or limited company incorporation. In several cases, you can get it without spending a single penny.

Below are some of your options:

Get A Copy Of The E-Certificate Of Incorporation

Irrespective of how you open a company, it is possible to access and download an electronic file of the incorporation certificate online through Companies House Search. In most cases, this is the best option for a company.

To use the Companies House Search, you will need to:

  • Enter their company name using the search section.
  • Pick their companies from the given list.
  • Choose ‘Filing History’.
  • Move towards the bottom section and pick ‘View PDF’ besides Incorporation.
  • A digital copy of your incorporation files will then be displayed on the screen, which you can print using your desktop.

Please note that this copy will have been tagged as a “file copy”

Hard Copy Certificate

You can also request a hard copy of your certificate for just £15.00 (or £50.00 if you want same day service) from the Companies House.

To get your copy, simply call the contact center of Companies House and provide them with some basic details like the company name and registration number you desire the incorporation certificate for. You can make the payment using your debit or credit card.

Alternatively, if you formed your company with us, you can log in to your online account and download a copy of your certificate for free or request us to send you a hard copy for £4.99.

An Overview Of The Certificate Of Incorporation

The incorporation certificate is an important document that Companies House issues, indicating that an LLP or a Limited Firm is officially registered in the United Kingdom as per the 2000 LLP Act or 2006 Companies Act. The below details are likely to be added to your certificate:

  • The official name of an LLP or a limited company.
  • Registration number of your company.
  • Type of company (private firm restricted by guarantee, limited by shares, or an LLP).
  • Location of the company’s office (Northern Ireland, England, and Wales or Scotland).
  • Act under which your company is incorporated.
  • Date of Incorporation.
  • Issuing registrar (Belfast, Companies House in Cardiff, or Edinburgh).

Most of the time, a person is required to hand over a copy of the incorporation certificate on multiple occasions, which includes while:

  • Applying for grants, loans, making funds available to other forms of business support.
  • Creating a business banking account.
  • Leasing/buying a property using the name of your company.
  • Applying for customer credit from service providers or product suppliers.
  • Running a business overseas or establishing an overseas head office.
  • Inspecting statutory records.
  • Selling company shares to investors.
    Selling a company.

Lastly, it is also a wise idea to have your certificate in hand. It includes crucial info that you’ll require when preparing accounts, confirmation statements, registering your business for tax, reporting modifications to HMRC, and filing tax returns.


What Is A Confirmation Statement And How Do I File One?

What Is A Confirmation Statement And How Do I File One?

You can use the internet or postal service to file a confirmation statement for your company.

Nonetheless, the online method is much simpler, faster, and secure compared to the post. Besides, it only costs you £13.00, compared to the cost of around £40 when sending it by post of around £40.00. Using the post also takes far longer.

Everything You Need To Know About The UK VAT Threshold

Everything You Need To Know About The UK VAT Threshold

It is important for a business to register for VAT provided that during the previous year their ‘taxable supplies’ (typically based on the turnover and not the profits) have surpassed the threshold for VAT. This is applicable to all businesses in the United Kingdom, no matter whether you’re working as a limited partnership, company, or sole trader.

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