General Questions

How do I import my company?

Importing your company couldn’t be simpler. Click here to register. 

All we require is your company Auth code, this is so we can file documents on your behalf. If you can’t find your Auth code please click here to request a new one.

Can I use your company management software for free?

Whether we formed your company or someone else our management software is 100% free.

What is a UK company?

A UK company is effectively a legal entity in its own right and is formed by registration at Companies House England and Wales.

Why choose a limited company?

One of the main reasons why people decide to trade using a limited company is due to limited liability. This is a legal structure for a business in which the liability of each shareholder is limited to their individual investment.

Other reasons might include customers prefer to trade with a limited company, and tax advantages.

Will I have to sign any forms when registering my company with you?

No, our online application does not require signatures.

I'm not from the UK. Can I still form a company?

Yes, you can.

Although a UK limited company must have a UK registered office address. The all inclusive package is perfect for international customers.

Please note that we require ID to be notarised or certified. To find out more click here.

What business address do I put on my VAT application?

The business address you put on your VAT application is the address where you carry out your day to day activities. Not your registered office address.

My auto renew failed. What do I do?

These things happen. Please contact us here.

Can I change My Company Name?

Yes. To find this option please log in. Go to Companies > Select your company > Shop.

Can I change My Accounting Period?

Yes. To find this option please log in. Go to Companies > Select your company > Shop.

About Our Services

Why choose us?

Our bespoke software makes company formations quick and simple. Once you have created your company you will have lifetime access to our company management software and customer support. This makes your life a lot easier trying to comply with things such as filing your confirmation statement, updating directors information, name changes, and accounting periods.

How do I add/edit a director?

Log in and go to Companies > Select your company > Getting Started.

How do I change my registered office?

Companies > Select your company. Under Registered office press Edit

How do I apply for a bank account?

You can choose to be contacted by our banking partners throughout the formation process. But if you opt-ed out and have had a change of heart please log in and go to Companies > Select your company > Getting Started.

Can I ask a different question?

Certainly. Please click here.

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