What Is A Confirmation Statement And How Do I File One?
Published on August 23, 2021
Confirmation Statement and How to File One

You can use the internet or postal service to file a confirmation statement for your company.

Nonetheless, the online method is much simpler, faster, and secure compared to the post. Besides, it only costs you £13.00, compared to the cost of around £40 when sending it by post of around £40.00. Using the post also takes far longer. Lastly, the odds of your postal filings being disapproved are much higher due to missing details and other small errors.

Confirmation statements are important for Companies House to ensure your company’s information is updated and accurate in the public register. So, it is obligatory for all the companies registered in the UK to send their confirmation statement each year, even when no changes are being made to the details of the company since its establishment or previous statement date.

Information needed to create your confirmation statement:

For completing your confirmation statement online, you just have to review the registered information of your company and either authenticate that its accurate or if required, update details that are no longer correct prior to filing your statement.

The details that you must verify are:

  • The registered address of your office
  • Company director or secretary information (whenever applicable)
  • SIC codes – describing the nature of the business
  • Address where statutory records are kept
  • Capital statement 
  • Partners; guarantors, members of LLP or shareholders
  • PSCs
  • The trading status of shares must also be confirmed (whether they’re being admitted to the trading marketplace or not).

You are free to modify your capital statement, details about company shareholders, and SIC codes on your confirmation statement. However, you won’t be able to use your confirmation statement for modifying:

  • Information about your company officers
  • LLP member information
  • SAIL or registered office address
  • Statutory reports address
  • PSC information

Modifications to any of the above information needs to be notified to Companies House using a separate form before they are subsequently sanctioned on your statement.

When you file a confirmation statement, it confirms that your public profile is accurate with the details about all the LLP members, officers, etc.

How to file a confirmation statement via postal service

If you would like to file the statement using a postal service, you must manually add as well as confirm the essential data on form CS-01. Nevertheless, you are only required to use parts 1 to 4 of this form where there are any variations in the past year to SIC codes, issued shares, company shareholders, paid-up share status, the status of trading shares, and in the event you want to apply for exemption from keeping your people register with significant authority.

When using a paper filing method, it is important for you to add the full name of your company along with its registration number and the confirmation date. The confirmation date can also be called as the made-up date.

Individuals who wish to change any additional details of their company that can’t be updated on a confirmation statement and wish to make the modifications through a physical form instead of a digital one are required to submit the appropriate form to Companies House, wait for approval, and then proceed with filing their confirmation statement through a postal service.

Due date to file the confirmation statement of your organisation:

Business owners are required to complete their confirmation statements every year. The 12 months is known as the review or confirmation period. The official date for the first confirmation statement of your company is the incorporation anniversary (the date when you first established your company). Companies House allows up to 14 days after your due date for submitting your confirmation statement.

For instance: A person who has registered his company on 10th November 2019 will have a due date for the initial confirmation statement on 10th November 2020. He/she will need to file it with the registrar within 2 weeks; in this case, by 24th November 2020.

The filing deadline along with the due date will stay the same each year, except in the situation where the confirmation statement has been filed early. The made-up or confirmation date is the one that you are confirming all the provided details are accurate and up to date in the public register.

What happens if I file my confirmation statement at a later date?

The LLP members along with the directors of a company are accountable for making sure the confirmation statement of a company is completed correctly and filed in a timely manner at Companies House without fail. Even if you’re considering shutting down the company and want to have it taken off of the public register, it is still necessary to fulfil all filing obligations which occur prior to the dissolution date on your company or LLP.

Despite the fact that Companies House is unlikely to impose any penalties for filing your confirmation statement late, it may still be seen as a criminal offense. In addition, since the corporate filing data is a component of the public records, delayed filing may have a negative effect on the credit rating of your company and it could also harm your professional status.

Designated members of the LLP along with directors also face the risk of being individually fined and the registrar may even consider striking off the LLP or limited company in the event that statutory accounts are not filed on time.

If you are finding it challenging to keep up with your company reporting and filing duties, or just wish to hand over your administrative obligations to someone else, appointing a personal accountant or a company incorporation agent can be your best bet in fulfilling these responsibilities.

Need help filing your confirmation statement? You can file your confirmation statement with our easy-to-use online software by logging in or importing your company here.

If you need some further guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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