How To Find Your Government Gateway User ID
Published on June 15, 2021
How to Find Your Government Gateway User ID

Individuals who have created their Gateway account while registering for any of the HMRC services may have already received their login ID by post or email.

The number is basically a combination of 12 digits, for instance: 345345345345. If you forget your login details, you can try out some of the methods below for finding your account ID.

1. Search In Your Email Inbox

Before you try anything else, try looking in your email folder by searching for the term ‘Gateway user ID’. If this doesn’t resolve the problem, you can consider the alternative options.

2. Call The HMRC Customer Help Desk

You may call the HMRC customer support desk to recover your Government Gateway user ID. The contact number you’ll need will depend on the type of service you’re currently using as well as the Gateway account you want to access.

3. Visit The ‘Problems Signing In’ Page On The Official HMRC Site

The webpage can assist you in recovering your login ID. You will also be able to change your password in case you are unable to remember it.

PAYE for Employers Customer Service

0300 200 3200

+44 151 268 0558 (Outside United Kingdom)

Self Assessment Customer Service

0300 200 3600

+44 161 930 8445 (Outside United Kingdom)

Corporation Tax Customer Service

0300 200 3600

+44 161 930 8445 (Outside United Kingdom)

VAT Customer Service

0300 200 3701

+44 292 050 1261 (Outside United Kingdom)

Customer Service for Charities

0300 123 1073

Pension Schemes Customer Service

0300 123 1079

+44 (0)300 123 1079 (Outside United Kingdom)

Construction Industry Scheme Customer Service

0300 200 3210

+44 161 930 8445 (Outside United Kingdom)

Other Tax Purposes

Individuals who would like to find their Gateway user ID for additional tax purposes can look up the HMRC contact list to find associated helpline numbers.

When contacting HMRC, a person is required to verify their identity. During the process, the support member may ask for your individual UTR, DOB, company UTR, National Insurance Number, employer PAYE reference, or VAT number.

In Case You Have Forgotten Your Gateway Password

Individuals who have their user ID but don’t know their account password can change it by entering their email address and the user ID that they used whilst signing up for the account.

Additionally, some other information will be essential for confirming their identity, including:

Name and physical address
Personal or company UTR
Latest P60
National Insurance Number
UK passport
PAYE reference
Accounts Office Reference
VAT Number

Registering For VAT

After providing the essential information, you will receive an email from HMRC that will contain a link to change your password.

What Happens If You Are Locked Out Of Your Gateway Account?

If you enter the wrong password or user ID over ten times, your account may be locked for security reasons. In such an event, you must wait a couple of hours before trying again.

HMRC advisors will not be able to recover your account on your behalf.

Additional HMRC Support

People who require extra support due to special circumstances can request assistance here, which includes viewing information in another language or format, online appointments with tax experts, and text-phone access.

How To Sign Up For A New Government Gateway User ID

If you would like to register for a fresh Government Gateway ID to access services like VAT, Corporation Tax, Self Assessment etc. after forming a limited firm, you will need to check out the Services page of HMRC.

Even though the Gateway structure was entirely decommissioned in 2019, as the Online Services were established to replace HMRCs personal digital services, the majority of users prefer using their Gateway ID to sign in to their HMRC account.

Most users are still unfamiliar with the above changes as their services and access to the platform have stayed unaffected.

Nonetheless, the remaining government services formerly accessed through the Government Gateway, including Immigration, NHS, DVLA, and Visa presently use separate systems which include GOV.UK Verify.

Last but not least, after completing the signup process for any one of the available services through the Government Gateway, a person can use the rest of the services simply by signing in. As you have previously completed the signup process, using the other services is likely to be comparatively quick and easy!


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