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Register a Business UK - UK Business Registration

Register a Business UK

Are you interested in registering a business UK? Perhaps you’re intimidated by the amount of paperwork and legal documents involved in registering a UK company. However, we at 360 Company Formation believe that everyone who dreams of owning their own business should have a clear pathway to turn that dream into a reality. We have simplified the process of business registration. Our talented agents will make the process simple and can clearly explain what is needed from you at each step. We can handle a majority of the paperwork ourselves, so you only need to make the important decisions.

We have numerous business registering options to choose from in our service plans, including:

  • Private limited company formation
  • Business bank account
  • Options to improve government services
  • Company companies house
  • Company name registration
  • Office address services
  • Gov UK Agent
  • Limited company formation services
  • Business name research
  • Tax services
  • Office partnership
  • Account application
  • Find people and partner search service
  • Accountant and tax services
  • Small business formation
  • Open banking accounts
  • Trading preferences
  • Online payments
  • Partners and start trading services
  • Get started with a business name registration
  • Small business tax guides
  • Getting started directly with your limited company guides
  • Self employed limited companies and tax strategies
  • Name and address registration for your companies house

We also offer several insurance-related services, including the following:

  • Business insurance landlord
  • Public liability insurance
  • Insurance public liability
  • Public liability insurance
  • Liability insurance business
  • Liability insurance professional
  • Business covers insurance

Register a Private Limited Company

Once you have decided to register your company, there’s a few things that need to happen, and we can help you with each of these steps. First, it’s smart to pick a name and do research to ensure that the business name isn’t already registered to an existing company. We can help you with this step – just give us a short list of company names and we’ll let you know which ones are currently available. Once you have chosen your name, it’s a good idea to buy a corresponding domain name for your business, which we can also help you with, if needed.

Then you should decide what type of company you wish to form, a short chat with one of our talented business associates can help you determine the type that will be best suited to your goals. Now it’s time to register a business. It’s possible to do everything on your own, but most business owners find that their time is more valuable spent attending to other business-related matters rather than doing the grunt work of business paperwork formation. You can leave the paperwork to us while you design your website and set your pricing and handle other important details.

We Make Registering Your Company Name Easy

Registering your company name is one of the very first steps to starting a limited company. Without this step, you’ll be stuck at the starting line. If you need help with the process, our talented business agents will make registering your company name a breeze. We’ll walk you through the process while taking up minimal time on your end. Our experienced associates will register your companies names and address of your company house. Whatever you need help with, our associates will be happy to oblige. Our company handles business registrations every day, and our agents have years of experience with business registration in the UK.

Create a Business in the UK

Let us know when you want to register your business and we can put together a personalized timeline of the registration process, so you will know when important milestones will take place. We’ll also alert you to upcoming tax deadlines. Of course, if you prefer that our talented tax associates handle the tax side of things, we have business tax plans available, as well. We’ll just request certain information from you prior to the tax filing deadlines so that our agents can ensure accurate filing details.

Limited Companies Can Be Registered Today

Businesses register in the UK every day, and if this is your first time starting a company, it can certainly feel like an intimidating process. But it doesn’t have to if you partner with us to help you register your business here in the UK. When you use 360 Business Formation for your business registration, you’ll see how easy it is to register a business in the UK with your own companies house. Whether you will be self-employed or running a business with hundreds of employees, we can tailor the process exactly to your needs.

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